Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rha Rha Rhee Rhee Cyclones Had a Victory

Last night I went to the Brooklyn Cyclones season opener, and it was much better than last year, when the Cyclones lost 0-18 to the Staten Island Yankees. The Cyclones pulled off a 5-1 win against the Yanks this year.

Again, post-game we (though a different we than last year) went to ride the Cyclone. The person I was with had never been on it and I suggested we sit in the last seat, to get the full effect. I think we both got off with whiplash (though I think his was worse than mine, I had some idea what to expect).

I then decided that having a Nathan's hot dog post Cyclone was a good idea. It was not. The last two times I've had a hot dog, said hot dog has been a night cap of sorts. And both times I ended up on the bathroom floor around 2 a.m. No more hot dogs for eefers.

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Matt said...

I rarely vomit, but I sympathize with your plight. The hot dog is useful only for purposes of innuendo, not as food.