Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shallow Democrat

Call me a shallow Democrat. I was so excited about Hillary's new ad, I went to her website to watch it again. This is when I learned that her campaign song is by none other than the most annoying Canadian ever: Celine Dion. Apparently a vote took place. Obviously I missed it. So, I sent Hillary's staff this message:
I think the choice of Celine Dion's "You and I" is a terrible choice for a campaign song. Forget the fact that she's Canadian (that barely concerns me). Let's focus on the fact that she's terrible/cheesy/annoying. I am a would-be/could-be Hillary supporter (undecided Democrat) who has voted for Senator Clinton in the past. I am a seasoned canvasser who could even end up with some volunteer time on my hands, but if I have to listen to that song for the next year, I might have to seriously reconsider.

Emily Farris
Brooklyn, NY
I realize now that I used "choice" twice in the same sentence. And I apologize.

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