Saturday, September 15, 2007

Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy

Last night, a friend called for advice. Her cat's butt was particularly smelly. I had no advice for her other than seeing the vet, and when she showed up at my house later, she admitted to trying to solve the problem with Febreze.

Later that night, in my drunken state, when considering just how ridiculous her solution was, I was reminded of a similarly ridiculous little story that my sister Jo and I used to laugh about for hours. It was in a collection of "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy," and Jo and I discovered it when visiting my aunt in Atlanta ten years ago. She kept the book in the guest room and we opened it up one night in bed and read this particular story and could not stop laughing:
If you want to sue somebody, just get a little plastic skeleton and lay it in their yard. Then tell them their ants ate your baby.

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