Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some Things That Have Annoyed Me in the Last 18 Hours

1. ThosefuckingATMsthateatyourcard. Yeah. I left my card in an ATM last night and didn't realize it until this morning when I went to buy some breakfast.

2. Rather, this afternoon. My phone decided last night that it would switch over to Daylight Savings Time a week early, and I didn't know any better. As far as I knew, I woke early. So I took my sweet time getting ready and opened the store an hour late today. Now, every time I set it back to the correct time manually, it changes back to what it thinks it should be (an hour earlier). I'm going to be so screwed this week.


Emily said...

my phone's been doing the same damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Ah - mine too! You have to shut the Auto Update function off so that it will keep the manual one you set.

Emily said...

I think its good that atm's eat your card- if you leave it- someone could steal it.