Hi, I'm Emily — a part-time food writer, former professional blogger (not here), podcaster, wife, cat and dog mom, decent cook, shitty housekeeper, proud atheist, pottymouth and natural blonde. By day, I work as a cookbook publicist. The rest of the time, I'm just trying to do all that other stuff I listed, eat good food and not go out in public looking like a complete schlub. Sometimes, I succeed at one or two of the above, but never all at once. I have complicated relationships with wheat and dairy (I love them more than they love me) and I live beyond my means.

Welcome to my blog.

I started eefers in 2004, when I was an idealistic young political activist, and kept it up somewhat sporadically for about four years. I blogged about equality, bicycles, development and the giant cockroaches that invaded my space. During that time, I was living in Brooklyn and was a poor student, a nanny, a cocktail waitress, a freelance writer, and a clerk at the best independent bookstore in the world, among many other odd jobs.

After I returned to my hometown of Kansas City in 2009 (I gave Brooklyn a good nine years) I pretty much abandoned eefers. But in 2013 I felt like bringing the old girl back. I have decided not to remove the more cringeworthy posts, and most everything before 2013 will be populated with dead links and question marks where pictures once lived. If history is any indicator, my posts will continue to be few and far between. But sometimes, I just need to put things into words. And I guess my rather large ego likes to broadcast those words. So there.

But I'm good at words, I promise!

I have written for Gourmet.com, Urban Farm Magazine, ELLEDECOR.com, BUST, Nerve.com, Women’s Wear Daily, CNN.com, My Midwest, The Kansas City Star, The Pitch, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Slashfood.com, Edible Brooklyn and many publications and websites you’ve probably never heard of. My first cookbook, “Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven,” was published by Penguin/Perigee in 2008. Someday, I'll get around to writing another.

These days, you can hear me talking about eating (as if you don’t get enough of that if you're a follower of the feed me kc podcast) on Central Standard [every other] Friday on KCUR.

live in Kansas City with my husband Kyle, our dog, Jack, and my cat, Eve (Kyle won't claim her). I collects turquoise trinkets, vintage Pyrex, good whiskey and the letter “Q.”

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